Imagine those microorganisms 3,500 million years ago thinking up solar reflectors in space and multiple carbon exchanges, as well as artificial trees, multiple books, conferences and summits.

They took a far simpler route, "we need food", "let's eat". The by-product was oxygen, and life (as we know it) began. We owe them a lot. We owe them everything. "We should think like them". We need a low risk Carbon Fixation type solution that allows us to grow our own food while nurturing our environment.

Carbon fixation Limited is an innovative private equity structure, supporting investments that have a major impact on the environment as a total fixation not just a partial band aid. These initiatives are delivering eco-solutions and developing land use changing our view on forestry, biomass, renewable energy, research and development and low carbon product innovative projects. It aims to holistically act as a catalyst for optimising the Earth's resources. In cooperation with its strategic partners it will bring solutions and increase efficiency to manage resources and nurture sustainable growth.

Carbon fixation -
"The incorporation of carbon into organic compounds chiefly by photosynthesis in green plants"

Oxford Dictionary